The Green Fox Bistro
The Green Fox Bistro


The Green Fox offers clean and healthy food and beverage options! Nearly 100 % of our options are All Natural and even organic when possible (Such as our Organic Coffee & Coconut Water). On seasonal grounds our fruits and vegetables are coming from Florida. Our nuts, pulse and seeds are produced by organic farmers in California. We are using solely natural ingredients with no artificial flavours added. We are using vegetable oils like olive, sesame, avocado, walnut and coconut-oil that are cold pressed. We have gluten-free/non-gmo snacks all year round and will also be offering vegetarian food options during season. You will have “super food” in every order and will be feeling great after stopping in to see us!


We are supporting local farmers who do natural and organic farming farming whenever it is possible. This will help contribute to mitigating the global warming and support local business. The environmental benefits of organic farming is the protection soil, water and air quality. The end goal is to have  sustainability over the long term.









We do our best to avoid trash like plastic and aluminum foil. We will also offer a 10 % discount if you bring your own lunch box or travel mug.







Take a look at our menu and you will find a large selection of different BEVERAGES; fresh, natural and healthy! You can choose between fruit/vegetable smoothies and juices, plant-milk, lemonades, iced tea, organic hot/ice coffees and coconut water…

Hungry? We are currently offering non-gmo/gluten-free snacks such as muffins, granola bars and potato chips! During season we will have natural and vegetarian food options - see our menu.


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